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Something not clear? Our support is at your disposal. From 9am to 5pm during the weekdays and 24/7 in emergencies.

How do I log in into our club?

Is your club already using the EOS club platform, but you can't find it? The platform is a web application that runs on the club's URL. Try to find it by entering the name of the club in the search field. If you are unable to log in, please contact the management of your club – you can find the contact on the login page of the platform. After logging into the web version, you can also get ormation for adding the club to the mobile app.

Support articles

If you don't know what to do with something in the eos club platform, try to find the answer here.

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Do you do it all manually and it’s the same over and over? Does it cause you constant headaches? It’s the 21st century and there is a modern solution to save yourself a lot of redundant work.

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