10 reasons why eos

Excel tables, papers and messengers are no longer enough, and are you considering which digitization tools to choose? You may have come across others and each one can help with something. But there is the eos platform that offers all in one! And that is only one of the 10 main benefits.
  1. Proven by practice
    We are working on the eos platform full-time. 540+ clubs from 65 sports and 125,000+ users rely on it every day.
  2. Experience and feedback
    We started as soon as in the 2011/2012 season. The app was created in one club and then others wanted it. We are constantly incorporating feedback from several hundred clubs.
  3. The end of chaos, cost savings
    Our clients say eos saves them dozens of hours of redundant manual work per month. Not to mention the saved nerves. With us, you will make your processes efficient and eliminate unnecessary errors.
  4. Easy to use
    The app is intuitive and easy to use. The coaches, parents and managers – everyone can handle it easily.
  5. Quick and responsive support
    We are here for you on the phone and email. We respond to questions and problems immediately.
  6. You are part of the community
    You have access to the admin platform where you can meet us and the admins from the other eos clubs. We talk and help each other.
  7. Installed in a flesh of lightning
    We will install your club platform for you immediately, and your new club website can be ready within days.
  8. Start for free
    You can try everything for free. Getting the live version is also free. The regular fee depends only on the size of your club.
  9. Fine-tuned mobile app
    Top-rated mobile app for quick communication with members. Separate log-ins for children and parents.
  10. 3-in-1 digitalization package
    Eos is a complete solution for administration, communication and club website, all in one.
How much will it cost our club?
Implementing the platform is simple.
How to begin

Don’t be a boss of paper. Make it easy on yourself!

Do you do it all manually and it’s the same over and over? Does it cause you constant headaches? It’s the 21st century and there is a modern solution to save yourself a lot of redundant work.

I don’t want to be a boss of paper