About us

We stand behind the first truly comprehensive service for the administration and management of sports clubs. We want to help clubs minimize the burden of redundant, complicated paperwork so they gain more time to devote themselves to what is really important – the sport.
About us

Season 2011/2012

Historically the first season of the eos platform project which was developed in cooperation with the floorball club AC Sparta Praha.

Season 2017/2018

The first major expansion of our service – 14 clubs started using it. In June, we opened our first office in Usti nad Orlici. In the new premises, we started developing a new version of eos and our mobile application.

Season 2019/2020

We released a new version of the eos club platform as we know it today. However, since then we have made many improvements and added more useful features. We overcame the threshold of 50 clubs and the first foreign club started using the service.

Season 2020/2021

We overcame the threshold of 100 clubs and the first non-sports association started using our service.

Season 2022/2023

We overcame the threshold of 270 clubs from 54 different sports that are using eos. For some time now, we have been sending new modern club websites into the world built upon our own content management system. The websites are linked with the eos platform and everything works as one system.

Our story

Since 2000, we have worked on club projects as managers and players. Over time, we realized the clubs work in a very complicated, ineffective way. There is a separate table or paper for each thing – payments, confirmations, registrations, practice attendance, maintaining an up-to-date members database.

Creating, maintaining, collecting, storing and ultimately filling out things take up too much of your precious time, so we decided to do something about it. We used our knowledge of programming and experience from the clubs and started developing the EOS club platform.

In 2012, in cooperation with 14 clubs, we launched the first version of the platform. Thanks to the background in the floorball environment that we built up as active players and managers, we began in this sport. This turned out to be crucial, because floorball is a young sport with young managers who are not afraid of modern tools and want to make the club's operation more efficient and manage it as easily as possible. They liked eos and through their recommendations we started expanding into other sports as well.

We have seen that what we do really helps the clubs and that they appreciate the service also because the platform is created from pure practice and in cooperation with the clubs themselves. So we decided to devote all our time and effort to the development and support of eos. In June 2018, we opened an office in Usti nad Orlici. A useful app for a few clubs has become a professional club management tool used by tens of thousands of active members nowadays. This is also the reason why we've grown from one to twenty five people working on the platform development over the first five years of the project. And we are going on, constantly developing and improving eos. We help digitalize sport, make it more transparent and show that clubs can be managed easily, in a modern and efficient way, without dozens of boring Excel tables.

540+ clubs65 sports125,000+ members

"One application solves payments, attendance, calendar, personal data management and member database."

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Don’t be a boss of paper. Make it easy on yourself!

Do you do it all manually and it’s the same over and over? Does it cause you constant headaches? It’s the 21st century and there is a modern solution to save yourself a lot of redundant work.

I don’t want to be a boss of paper